Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scandinavian genealogy ...

This is exciting, Sue invited me to write on her blog. This is Social Networking for you!!

After meeting with the Scandinavian SIG (see my blogpost for pictures ) I am working on a document with lots of links to sites we talked about. I suggest the Norwegian Olsens play around here: Digitalarkivet - and the Swedish Swensons start here: Swedish Roots .

As mentioned, most of the scanned churchrecords for Sweden are only for Subscribers, but in Norway they are free. (well...the norwegian taxpayers don't really know where they money goes...) Remember though that Familysearch has a lot of resources, (secondary sources at best). They are now in the midst of putting out a lot of new resources and sources, also scanned documents. These resources are available at their pilotsite

Ha det bra! Hej då! 

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