Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scandinavian SIG meeting

About Scandinavian Special Interest Group (SIG) of Englewood Genealogy Society  of FL (EGSF)

   The EGSF Scandinavian SIG is unique as many are seasonal Florida residents, November - April. When they leave FL, the majority go to the midwest.
   We met again last Wednesday with Laila and will meet again April 12th. We are meeting at Elsie Quirk Library (EQL). 
   When we started to meet in January, I was under the impression the majority were researching Norwegian ancestors. However, quite a few are also researching Swedish roots and one researching Danish roots.We also discovered many of us are researching Chicago, IL ancestors!
   EQL is wireless and connecting to the internet is slow. The library has the library edition to Ancestry, but access is on their computers. Fortunately, almost all in the SIG have an Ancestry subscription. All but one had a wireless laptop when we met. We researched using the Digital Archives, Ancestry  and working individually or in small groups. Laila assisted members with reseach and answered questions. Immigration and  passenger lists/ship manifests were also researched.
   It was a great meeting and we are looking for our next meeting.

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